Terms & Conditions

Please read through our general terms & conditions. This page will also inform you about product returns and shipping conditions.

  1. Quotations are only valid for one month (1 month = 30 days from date of issue)
  2. The standard guarantee for all products (unless otherwise stated) is 1 month (= 30 days from date of receipt)
  3. Please contact us before returning any products
  4. If you wish to return an item, we will only return the price paid for the item; postage will not be refunded in most circumstances
  5. Some equipment may require an export certificate before shippping
  6. Shipping to some countries may be denied
  7. Unless mentioned, it is unlikely that we will provide any cables, leads, manuals or datasheets with equipment

Website Information
Our website is simple to understand and use. With easy navigation, you are able to find the product that you require. The site is updated regularly - ensuring accuracy of information and details.