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HP 4936a Transmission Impairment Measuring Set

In good, used condition - 1 month money back/ exchange guarantee. Operating Instructions Included

Quality Circuits for Voice, Data, or Program The Hewlett-Packard 4936A Transmission Impairment Measuring Sets provide the basic analog tests to isolate faults and to qualify circuits for voice, data or broadcast transmission at frequencies up to 110 kHz. The 4936A is CCITT compatible. This test set provides measurements of level versus frequency, noise with various selectable filters, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Noise with Tone, Three-level Impulse Nose and 4-wire single frequency return loss.

Telephone companies, PABX and other telecommunications equipment service people will find the 4936A has the analog testing capability they need. The instrument includes standard dial and hold capabilities, independent transmit and receive impedances, level zero function, SF skip and complete unit annunciation.

Portable for Field Use
The 4936A in its rugged polycarbonate case weighs only 14 pounds with batteries. This lightweight instrument is ideal for field applications.

Digital Testing Quickly Isolates Problems
The 4925A was designed to isolate and identify problems encountered in a data communications environment up to 72 kbps. Digital testing allows you to perform bit error tests, data throughput analysis and to test terminals, printers and statistical multiplexers for proper operation.

Easy-to-Use Instruments Reduce Testing Time
The 4936A is easy to use, allowing reduced training time, fewer operator errors and reduced testing times. The HP 4936A guides you through the measurements by activating only the proper keys for each selection. Each selected function is indicated on its own LED and there is a beep when a key is pressed. Complete annunciation displays the selected measurement, proper units for each measurement and error messages if there is a problem with either the measurement or the instrument.

At power up, it automatically sets up a typical testing configuration of a 5-minute bit error count, block error count and errored second count at 1200 bps with a 511 PRBS. If the test set-up needs to be modified, just press the appropriate button and scroll through the menu until the proper configuration is set.



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