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EFOS Novacure N2001 A1

The Novacure® 2100’s built-in system intelligence, sophisticated monitoring, microprocessor control and reporting features ensure precision and repeatability for every cure. Its patented closed-loop feedback system continuously monitors light output at the source. The system signals a microprocessor controller to adjust output, ensuring that required intensity levels are maintained for every cure. Improve quality, increase production and reduce costs. The Novacure 2100 delivers over 20 000 mW/cm² of power for stronger, faster, deeper cures.

A built-in radiometer provides real-time output monitoring, ensuring operating integrity at the light guide’s tip. Replaceable bandpass filters tailor light wavelengths to your application. Features include four user-programmable presets for single-exposure curing and StepCure® software for multiphase programming.

Key Features:

Microprocessor-controlled exposures with closed-loop feedback system
Intelli-Lamp® cooling and monitoring system for extended lamp life (typically 2000 hours) and optimum performance
User-friendly control panel and comprehensive display for easy operation and maintenance
Shutter and exposure verification alarms ensure repeatability and quality control

The product you are bidding on is the exact same specs as above. The manufacturer name is EFOS not EXFO as the product we are selling was made before the company changed it's name.

We will supply all units with a brand new lamp (0 time).

Light guides can be ordered separately from the manufacturer or alternatively we will order them for you and supply them with your product.


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