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Precision Oscillator Series850T

    California instruments 850T Series variable frequency oscillators and 855T Series fixed frequency oscillators are designed to plug into and serive their power from any of the Inverton AC Power Source. They employ digital logic techniques for frequency generation with a crystal controlled oscillator serving as the reference for the digital logic circuits. This technique provides long term frequency stability not obtainable with analog circuits. The 850T Series has three frequency rnages selected with a front panel switch. There are four frequency selection controls, permitting precise adjustment of the output frequency with resolution of one part in ten-thousand. Frequency is adjustable in 0.01 Hz steps from 0.01 Hz to 99.99 Hz in the X1 range, in 0.1 Hz steps from 0.1 to 999.9 Hz in the X10 range and in 1 Hz steps from 1 to 9999 Hz in the X100 range. By setting the internal switches and making other minor internal changes to 855T, its output frequency may be similarly adjusted to any frequency selectable in 1Hz steps.



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