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Wayne Kerr b605 Automatic component bridge

As shown in the photograph, the B605 is in good condition. Features include:

  • Resistance measured to 10M ohm at 0.1% with minimum resolution 0.1m ohm. Display reads to 9900 Mohm at lower accuracy.
  • Capacitance measured to 1600uF at 0.1% with minimum resolution 0.001pF.
  • Inductance measured to 16kH at 0.1% with minimum resolution 0.1uH.
  • The 10kHz frequency measures to 16H at 0.25% with resolution of 0.0001uH.
  • Can also display values for D and Q, and provide 2V internal or 50V external polarisation to the test terminals.

This unit is belived to have a faulty screen.


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