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Tektronix 494P Spectrum Analyzer

tektronix 494p

This highly versatile Tektronix 494P covers a frequency range of 10 kHz to 21 GHz in coax and up to 325 GHz when with a set of waveguide mixers (not included).

This unit contains a built-in frequency counter which displays to 325 GHz when used with appropriate wave guide mixers.


  • Full programmability with GPIB;
  • Direct plot capability;
  • Keypad data entry;
  • Nonvolatile memory storage;
  • HELP manual built-in in ROM;
  • -117 to +40 dBm amplitude ranges; 30 Hz resolution up to 60 GHz; Input impedance is 50 Ohms (N connector).

Not only is this Tektronix 494P Spectrum Analyzer programmable, but it is compact, rugged, and portable as well.



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